Max bell on passion of the Weiss wrote a pretty good review of this but I feel mine will be better cuz dude is clearly white and I'm half Mexican ( Remember that whites are guests in hip hop. Actually I have no idea if he's white. Its just a way to set up a later point). But any way more reviews for this shit is needed to spread the word.


Bouncing in the trap: this is an instrumental or an intro I guess.


DvT: aka Dorner vs. Tookie. This one has every one on the label on it. Open mike eagle opens and he goes in. So does every one else. This song is pretty representative of the rest of the album. It's nerd rap, but it's not soft, to the point that uninformed white ppl might think that it's hard. It is kinda hard; in the way that def jux was kinda hard. This song is the best shit ever or at least this year. My fav verse is the last one by rhetic Ramirez. Is he Mexican? All rap groups from la should be legally required to include at least one Mexican. Also notable is Verbs, who I see all the time on his bike around Culver City and Crenshaw. I don’t know him personally but my girl says he was in a class of hers at West La College or Santa Monica. He seems like the type of dude who knows every one.


Degrassi picture day: I been heard this and it's tight. I actually saw open mike eagle perform this recently. I'm a big fan of open mike eagle but I was kinda blown away by his live show. He really does have an above average singing voice and his screaming and energy make his songs come alive. Busdrivers verse is one of the first busdriver verses that I've understood on first listen. It's dope.


Fabian Cortez: this one is rhetic Ramirez and nocando. This goes hard as well .I looked it up and it turns out Ramirez is Dominican, which is cool. They need to get a Mexican tho.


Qualifiers: saw open mike perform this too it's another dope song.


Pet alligators: this one is busdriver and nocando, both of which are great rappers. I can't remember of this song was funny all the way through or had some other type of message mixed in with jokes. Either way...


Esscelsialates: this one is by milo. He's a good nerd rapper. Already heard this tho, the rest of his ep where this song comes from is also good.


Apologizes: open mike eagle apologies’ are both sincere and charming.


All pastel everything: this one has open mike eagle, busdriver, and I think milo. It's tight.


We on: this one is by kail, who I haven't mentioned yet. He's a good rapper. He raps in a humorous way but I like this less than the rest of the album. I also have an ep from his in which an obnoxious woman yells "smash! Tramp!" Over and over again. Aside from that it's a good listen.


Give a fuck: nocando doesn't although I suspect he actually does and is just saying this as a defensive mechanism.


Snake lake remix: I can't remember who's on this but I think I liked it.


Fck the nightstalker: this is cool. Not on the level as the other shit tho. Do young kids know who the nightstalker is? I'm 27 and I barely know.



Barbs over breakfast scones: this is tight. Might have to listen to more busdriver, which it think is the point of the album in the first place.



Manchester: along with DvT, this is my favorite song on the album. Nocando's verse is incredible and the chorus is tight as fuck. It's applicable to a lot of social situations as well. A lot of time ppl talk to me about their band, their major, career choice/path and I wish I could respond that I don't give a fuck. It's not that I don't care about them as human beings. It's just that they're clearly bragging or maybe more accurately trying to sell themselves as cool or interesting to me. 


Elephant in the room: I think open mike eagle has some lines in there about Kendrick Lamar, Miley Cyrus, and Lamar Odom. The Lamar Odom situation is fucked up, even more so because the Lakers suck and could use some help from a sober Lamar.


Big business: can't remember this one.


Overall this is on the short list of Andrew’s favorite rap albums of 2013 with Danny brown’s old. My only 2 knocks are the lack of Mexicans and the probability that some members aren't from LA or even so cal. Seriously there's 20 million white rappers now and still only like 3 or 4 Mexican or Latino rappers. Every show I go to is like 62% Mexican crowd-wise, what the fuck? To me 2pac isn't a west coast rapper, and kurupt and xzibit aren't la rappers so open mike eagle isn't either, which is fine. I'm from the IE which isn't far away and have lived in LA for five years and would never consider myself to be an LA anything. 


Here’s a link to the album here:

 I paid $1 cuz I’m a baller like that.