Best. Game. Ever.

Its 1:00am and I have to wake up in 6 hours but I’m still hyped of game 6 the best NBA Finals game in recent memory. Where to even start? This game was fire from the get go and I was exhausted by the end of overtime. Unlike the past few games both teams went back and froth for most of the game. Yes the Spurs went up 13 late in the 3rd quarter but the Heat Lebron fought back in the 4th quarter. Personally I felt that Miami dictated the pace from the get go and just repeatedly messed up their opportunities to build leads in the first half and in the fourth quarter. Lebron blew lay-ups, shots rimmed out at the last second and the Spurs seemed to get every break (and call). Miami went up with a few minutes left in regulation only for Tony Parker to hit an insane three in Lebron’ s face. Lebron then subsequently turned the ball over on consecutive possessions. The Spurs missed some free throws but were up comfortably by 5 with 37 seconds left. Lebron hit a three off an offensive rebound form his own missed three (Mike Miller with the rebound). Kawhi Leonard who balled all game missed a key free-throw. Lebron went for a three, Bosh got the offensive board and Ray Allen did what he does in the biggest moment of his career. Overtime was a trip too. The Heat did enough to get a slim lead. The Spurs had their chances at the end. Manu drove to the rim with 5 seconds left. He got hit but he also traveled. Good no call to me. Danny Green was stuffed at the end by Bosh. There was some contact but they never call fouls on plays like that. Actually Tiago Splitter held his man to get Danny green open in the first place.

Game 7 is Thursday and I’m hyped. I have no idea who will win and I don’t believe in momentum in this series. Yeah the heat’s win was amazing and The Spur’s loss was devastating but there’s no concrete evidence that The heat are the better team. Or vice versa.  Both teams were exhausted and made mistakes, both teams showed mad heart. Lebron lost his headband and GOT BETTER.  Obviously Lebron was the difference for Miami as his play willed them back into a game that was slipping away. I don’t know what other player could have done all of the things Lebron did in that fourth quarter. Driving, passing, blocking Duncan.  Tim Duncan was so shook he didn’t attempt another field goal (just playing. Tim Duncan is never scared). At that point Miami seemed like they definitely would win but the Spurs kept fighting. They fought in overtime too and The Spurs are gonna fight in game 7 on Thursday. I'm not betting against them. They are the more balanced team but the Heat have Lebron, the best player in the world and are at home. Hard to bet against that. Game 7 will be great fun but both teams showed the heart and will of a champion in game 6. Its kind of a shame this series has to end.