Danny Brown’s new album and here and the hype is semi-big. I didn’t know ppl fucked with him like that. I’ve read a number of reviews and they go 1 of 2 ways usually. Either ppl think its his best album/masterpiece or ppl think its good but clearly don’t think its as good as XXX with a side of resenting Danny’s new audience or whatever. Apparently Danny is big with white ppl who fuck with molly. Idk, as I don’t do drugs, I really just fuck with rap music. And really no body in real life fucks with the rap music I like, just ppl on the Internet.  Here’s what I say: it might be his best work; it might not but its great. It’s a worthy follow-up to XXX for sure. Apparently, the album has a side A and B with 2 different themes and style. I honestly had no idea this was true. The first side they say is the OG black guy form Detroit Danny Brown and the second is the Danny once he realized he could fuck mad amounts of white girls if he did drugs and rapped over weird beats. I like both styles really. I prefer dude from Detroit Danny. Molly Danny is cool but overall I think it’s a disservice to break Danny into only 2 categories. Danny’s the Hybrid but he’s not just a street dude mixed with party shit. To me he’s really just a rap nerd with good taste and an ability to rap in different styles and fuse all that shit together who happens to have substance abuse probelms. A dude that fuxwit Def Jux nerd shit, dirty Detroit shit and whatever the fuck is good now. Add that up and I don’t really see how different this shit is than XXX. XXX had plenty of molly weird shit on there and got mad serious near the end. Fuck it tho here’s my review:


Side A: This song is tight. Its Detroit-style I guess. He’s talking bout how ppl want the old Danny Brown. Here it is.


The Return: On the short list for best song on the album. Danny and Freddie Gibbs bar for bar are 2 of the best in the game if not 1 or 2 in some order. It’s supposedly a remake of that Outkast song I haven’t heard in forever. I like this version better which goes to show how great this is.


25 Bucks: See I’m not sure what style this is which makes me think that side A and B is bullshit. I guess the subject matter is dark and hood as opposed to druggy and Caucasian tho even if the beat isn’t grimy. This is a good song. Danny Brown can rap and he has things to say.


Gremlins: This movie scared the shit outta me when I was 7. This is a good song and yes it is hood (a stupid distinction to make) or whatever. Also, I’d like to point out that like XXX most of the songs here are mad short. Its almost punk rock hip-hop. Songs don’t really need to be longer than 3 minutes.  I like Danny’s few lines about 2 Chainz.


Wonderbread:  A call back from that XXX song when he talked about getting beat up while going to get bread. Eh, its cool but its my least favorite so far.


Dope Fiend rental: Another dope ass song. School Boy Qs on this one. My second fav so far.


Torture: a dark song. And its not like Danny doesn’t have any other dark songs. On the short list with the return for best song on the album. Me, I like depressing shit from time to time and Danny Brown is a poet.


Lonely: I love this shit too. This hits home for me as I relate a lot.


Clean it up: Danny needs to stop doing so much drugs. I guess, but Danny has other issues like anxiety and depression. I don’t fuck with drugs but I think that’s true of most addicts. Any way….


Red 2 go: More hyped, like party type of music. I guess. I still don’t think Danny makes party music. That would be 2 chainz or Juicy J. I like this song.


Side B (Dope song): More hyped and molly-like. But this isn’t really white to me. It’s still raw (whatever the fuck that means).


Dubstep; This is tight. I heard this is grime more than anything. Only grime I ever listened to was Dizzee Rascal.


Dip: Danny does drugs. Pretty good song.  Nice Lieutenant Dan reference to start the song off.


Smokin and drinkin:  This I can imagine ppl who party liking this. It's hyped but not over the top. There’s a hook too.  I like it. Even is this version of Danny isn’t your thing, he still raps like motherfucker.


Break It: I guess I like this song. Can white girls twerk to this??


Handstand: I’m tired of this shit by now. Its cool I just don’t need to listen to it ever again. By this point it is clear that there are 2 sides to the album.


Way up here: This one has Ab-Soul. Better than the last few songs. Not as good as the earlier songs.


Kush Coma: with ASAP Rocky. This beat is obnoxious and the first time I heard it I dint like this that much. But I do think its one of the better Molly songs on the album.


Float On: more serious than Danny’s been in a minute. A nice way to tie up the album.


So yeah I prefer the first half which really some of the best rap music in a long time. The more party oriented stuff isn’t as good to me, but its still good. I really don’t see how this is all that different than XXX, which has party stuff early on before getting serious near the end. Danny really is one of the best rappers in the game. So as a result this is the best release I’ve heard this year along with Run the jewels and Mr. Muthfuckin Exquire (who’s criminally slept on). My only knock on Danny’s career so far is that album he did with Black Milk should have been a serious, full-length release instead of just throwaways. Ideally he’d do a split LP featuring production from Black Milk and El-p or something. But then again Danny still raps over good beats so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.