I got tickets to the Mike Eagle show for Christmas. I already saw him live a few months ago and he was great but his set was brief. I figured this was going to be a longer performance and it was and it wasn’t. I read there was going to be comedy and other shit mixed with the music beforehand and that it was gonna be different from most hip-hop shows, which I considered a good thing. Hip hop shows get old especially when you have wait until damn near 1 am to see the headlining act and have to stand the whole time at some venues. Also shit is always mad late. This shit was set to start at 9 pm and I thought it’d actually start on time for some reason. Me and my friend who was completely unfamiliar with Mike Eagle got there on time and got a seat. There was a few ppl at the bar and by the start of the show there’d be mad ppl standing. We sat for about an hour before there was any real activity. To sit we had to get drank or food and since we had no idea how long this would be we got both. Beer was cool, fries and wings decent. My friend thought the fries were the shit. Food gave me a lot of gas tho. Later in the show Mike Eagle and others claimed it smelled like farts onstage. I’m not sure if my farts traveled that far but it’s certainly possible.

First up was a dude who played beats which really isn’t different from any hip-hop show ever. His name was Always prolific and the shit he played was dope, which isn’t always the case. After that Mike Eagle and his crew came up, I think. He had a host who I think is a comedian or maybe she’s just funny. Can’t remember her name and I won’t look it up cuz I’m too real.  She implied that she dated an audience member briefly. There was an opening act, Sum killa and he was tight. He had humorous interplay between himself and God (or Yeezus?) between his joints. He had some of his peoples near me and they cheered wildly which was heartwarming. After that Mike Eagle came out and talked about the concept of the show and launched into a joint and then Qualifiers, which is his signature song it seems like as of late. I like it but its not my favorite like New York State of Mind isn’t my fav nas song but of course I’d be hyped if Nas performed that song in front of me.  So I was hyped. Mike then went into a new joint that takes his alternative rock leanings even further. It sounded tight as fuck and he had jokes and stories in the middle of it. Sadly, that was the last time Mike performed any of his music. After that there was comedy from a white dude named DC something who told his awkward sexual origin story. It was funny. My Homie commented on the lack of Mexicans and said he was the only one. I said no because I’m half Mexican and spotted a few more in the crowd. But yeah most underground rap shows are 70% Mexican and 40% Asians. This show was 50/50 black and white with 7.5 Mexicans thrown in (and maybe 4 Asians). Not that it matters. #Postracial.

Apparently The Mike Eagle Show is sort of like a talk show and they were other guests Mike spoke to. Notably there was more jokes form Baron Vaughn who also killed it. Then raps from Quelle Chris who IS A RAPPER FROM DETRIOT. That means he’s the shit because all RAPPERS FROM DETRIOT are. I said this on twitter one time and some dude was like nah, what about the Insane Clown Posse? First of all, Eminem said ICP claimed Detroit, but y’all live 20 miles away. Second, has any one ever listened to ICP? How would anyone know if they were good or not? I ‘m pro ICP for 3 reasons: they were on wrestling in the 90s, the gathering of the Juggalos is interesting from a sociological perspective (it was my major), and they actually do get cool artists and ppl to show up their gatherings every year.

After that Mike and his rappers pals traded bars on what is best sandwich (a torta) and freestyled about plungers or something. Nocando really really can rap his ass off. (Every one else did good too tho!) I think I spotted damn near every one in hellfire club in the audience. Busdriver, Verbs ( who also rapped a bit), Rhetric Ramirez who gave me a weird look( probably not actually he had to walk past me and it was a sorry dude I have to walk close to you and possibly invade your personal space look. Either that or he smelled one of my farts).  Milo wasn’t there cuz he lives in Canada or something.

We got out of there at 1:00 am and it really was a great time. Othertimes I took ppl who don’t like underground rap to shows it’s a little rough but this was smooth and comfortable.  My only complaint is that I’d like more rapping from Open Mike Eagle. That and the start time.