Kevin Durant is having a monster season and is putting the thunder on his back while Russell Westbrook is hurt. He’s scored over 100 points in his last two games. I mean, how easy does he make it look? How rare is his talent? A few years ago it looked like he was near LeBron’s level and then was outclassed by Bron Bron in the Finals (KD was still a little bit nice in 2012. In 2013 he was not nice and now he’s an asshole). LeBron finally has a peer so we can officially dead all that fake Kobe vs. LeBron hype. Since The Thunder lost the Finals in 2012 KD has steadily gotten better, almost by the day. He always been a great scorer, but now he demands the ball and works to get open. His passing and playmaking is now above average. He now rebounds the ball at LeBron like levels and the thunder have one of the best defenses in the league. Like LeBron KD can beat opponents in many ways. KD can drain three-points like Steph Curry when he’s feeling it, He can blow by guys like Lebron (in a different way using his length instead of his size). KD is up there with any one when it comes to posterizing dudes. And of course KD can drain the midrange jumper like Dirk or Kobe. He probably won’t ever be on LeBron level as a passer but he always hits the open man.  Also important from an entertainment perspective is that KD has blown Swaggy P’s

swag out of the water. Nick Young’s swag is the swag of a pre-teen compared to KD’s grown man swagger. Nick Yung’s swag is awkward, friendly, and ultimately harmless. KD’ s swag and competitive fire will break hearts and destroy the will of lesser men. All of this wasn’t there in 2012 and Durant is only 25(Usually not a player prime yet meaning he should get better!). The Thunder’s role players have also gotten better while the Heat’s have quietly gotten older (Haslem and Battier are basically useless to Miami now).  Kevin Durant and Thunder (if healthy) are ready right now to compete for a title. It might not come down to a heat-Thunder Finals in 2014 because of fierce competion from the Pacers and Spurs (or other good teams in the West).  But it’s only a matter of time before KD gets a chance to dethrone the King.