Ever since Lebron made his Decision to sign with the Heat in 2010 he has been the most hated player on the most hated team in the league. The hate has eased up a bit but still most people I know actively root against the Heat come playoff time. I’m cool with it on some level. A lot of people hate the Lakers, I’ve always hated the Yankees. When your team is good people hate you, especially if you act cocky abut it(I don’t really think this applies to the Heat. It applies even less to Lebron dude has gotten humbler since 2010). The part that is wack to me is mostly a creation of the media, the idea that the Heat are a super team who existence is inherently unfair.  I don’t know if y’all understand but Magic’s Lakers and Larry Bird’s Celtics were super teams more so than the Heat. The Bulls were a super team, the Shaq-Kobe Lakers too.  There’s a feeling that Dwayne Wade, Lebron, and Bosh are punks for playing together and they didn’t have the balls to suck it up and stay (at least with Lebron) with their original teams. These are usually the type of people who complain that athletes are paid too much and who will say even dumber shit if you let them. I may have touched on this in the past but Cleveland fucked up man. The had Lebron for 7 years and never once put another all-star caliber player next to him. They had nice role players but that foundation doesn’t win titles. Lebron saw the Celtics with three surefire hall of famers beating his ass and saw Kobe who had Pau Gasol and Shaq win multiple titles. So instead of hoping the Cavs could get him that help he got it himself. Personally I think that’s cool if not quite G. Seriously though what if the Bulls  never drafted Pippen and Jordan had a chance to play with Barkley in 92’ or so. You gonna tell me that Jordan would say no? GTFOH. People need to think a minute or two longer and look a second longer.

Anyway now that I debunked that bullshit let me say this: The Heat have been the best thing about the NBA since 2010 by a large margin. Yo the Mavericks 2011 title was great and all but it was the fact that they upset the Heat that had every one hyped. Last year we got to see Lebron dominate the playoffs in a way that hasn’t been seen since Shaq or MJ. But still this year mad people were rooting against the Heat. I get it on some level especially if it’s against your team. But do y’all muthfuckas really want to see the Indiana Pacers in the Finals? ( No Roy Hibbert.) Some people we’re rooting for the Bulls to beat the Heat. Every one likes an underdog but come on man, the Bulls weren’t gonna win shit even if they some how beat the Heat. I want to be entertained and most of the entertaining series in the past few years have revolved around Miami. That Eastern Conference Finals was fire(Fire! So man great games and storylines.) and the Finals against the Spurs looks very promising too. The Spurs btw have three future hall of famers on their team as well plus the best coach in the game. The Heat are the better team but not by a large margin(competitive basketball is fun) and injuries have made them vulnerable. The Heat might be better when their backs are against the wall though. Lebron is now the most clutch player in the league. This is a good thing people. Start acting like it. And Lebron ain’t going back to Cleveland ever. Move on.


P.S.: NOW is the time to openly root against the Heat if you hate them. Not in the first round stupid. NOW. The Spurs can actually beat them( probably won’t though).