I just wrote a piece on how I’m mourning the fates of favorite Lakers from their back-to-back championship teams and now I gotta deal with this fuckery. The Lakers and Cavs are discussing trading Andrew Bynum for Pau Gasol. For the Lakers the motivation is to dump Pau’s $19 mil contract and release Drew to avoid paying him. I get the logic but what? These dudes literally just helped your team win 2 titles and now they ain't shit the Lakers to the point where they’re gonna drop them to save money. The Lakers are bad this year and they aren’t gonna get better. They overachieved for a minute but they really are one of the worse teams in the league. I think Laker fans can get with the idea of tanking for next year’ s loaded draft. I’m not sure Mike D Antoni is on board with that but this year isn’t his fault and he shouldn’t be on the hot seat any way (he probably is tho). Dealing Pau is something I’m actually ok with. The Lakers have treated Pau like shit for a minute now and a change of scenery would be good for him. Here’s the thing about me that may be different then some fans. If I like a player I usually pull for them more than the team (not the actual basketball team but the owners). Owners are like bosses to me, even when they’re cool they still kinda ain’t shit to me. Jim Buss is a cool guy in real life probably, but he’s made some bitch moves like kicking Phil out and then stringing him along, trading Lamar for a trade exception they didn't use, and subjecting Pau to rumor after rumor. On a semi-related note: Fuck D’Anotini’s mustache, which I believe is responsible for his shitty attitude towards Pau and some of his dumb ass comments. So yeah I just want Pau to play well and be happy wherever that is.  Cleveland is ehhh.  Kyrie Irving can ball, but I’d rather see Pau on a team that can compete for a title. I have no idea who that is tho (pre Derrick Rose injury I might have said Chicago). Losing Pau’s contract helps the Lakers this year financacially but that’s about it unless they can get some real assets from Cleveland. Pau’s contract is up at the end of the year anyway.  Its gonna be a strange ending for one of the greatest Lakers ever and a guy who should be beloved but kind of isn’t. Derek Fisher is more beloved than Pau, which goes to show how ridiculous the scapegoating has been the past few years. In 2011 the Lakers collapsed, since then they have never been a real title contender (so why all the drama? Dwight wasn’t crazy to not come back to LA). Andrew Bynum I don’t feel quite as strong for, but he really did help them a lot in 2009 and especially in 2010. In 2011 and 2012 he really did become one on the best players in the league, only the team became worse during that time (you know what the Laker’s biggest weakness during this time was? A really weak bench and supporting cast around Kobe, Pau, Drew, and Lamar).


So when he hurt himself and every body ripped him it was more than unfair. And people tried to connect Andrew’s attitude with his injury history and that was ridiculous. I’m not sure if Andrew cares like that. Where Pau is sensitive and caring, Andrew is trill as fuck. He does what he wants and always speaks his mind. He’s one of the few Lakers who never kissed Kobe’s ass and that’s what I’ll remember most fondly about Drew. So yeah I’m not with playing imaginary GM like most fans like to do. My feelings and sentiments about players override the right basketball moves at times. Which I don’t think is bad. The Spurs for instance have always been loyal to their three stars even after embarrassing playoff losses. Also, from what I’ve heard this deal is whatever to me. The Lakers traded Lamar for nothing to save money and now are at least looking for some sort of assets for Pau, but it does contradict the big contract they gave to number 24.  So unless they make the team better I won’t be satisfied. This year is fucked any way and they are making bank from Time Warner Cable any way. Let’s go back to losing, send Pau to greener pastures, and try and win this lottery business.