My first web show is right there at the top(Actually for whatever reason its impossible to embed videos made on this site so heres a link to the video here). Here it is in written form. I already wrote about the Lakers being the on-paper champs and now its time to talk about how they can become the real champs. Talent-wise the Lakers are up there with anybody but The OKC Thunder and the defending champion Miami Heat have the experience and chemistry that it takes to win a title. The Lakers will need to develop that if they are going to beat those teams. They can win plenty of regular season teams coasting on talent but they need to get the most out that talent in order to beat the young guns. First I look at Kobe and Nash and how they must change their respective games in order to get the most out of another. Steve Nash likes the ball in his hands. He’s an all-time great passer and pick n roll point guard. He’s used to the offense running through him at all times. He has never played with a ball-dominant shooting guard like Kobe. Let Nash do his things and with these weapons the Lakers will score at will. Even having Nash in the corner as a glorified Derek Fisher isn’t as bad as it seems because Nash is one of the greatest shooters of all time and with this kind of talent he can get a bunch of open threes.

Kobe also is making a big adjustment. He’s never played with a traditional point guard let alone one of the greatest point guards of all time (well he did play with Gary Payton but Gary had fallen off a bit by that point). Kobe will have to change his game and work off the ball for a change. It’s actually something he does very well and we got to see a bit of that with Ramon Sessions last year. But for the Lakers to get the most out of Nash Kobe’s gonna have to do that a whole lot more. And interestingly, for the Lakers to get the most out of Kobe he might need that kind of change. Kobe put up great numbers last year but his performance varied quite a bit. Some nights he was dominant and then some nights he threw up bricks. Kobe had one of his worst shooting percentages ever and at this point could benefit greatly from Steve Nash setting him up. The Lakers isoed Kobe too much last year.  Kobe needs to be efficient and the best way is to get him easy shots. Kobe likes to believe that’s he the best scoring option every play but that won’t be the case this year with a team this stacked. The Lakers can’t have Kobe throwing up bricks when they’re taking touches away from Dwight, Pau and Steve. However if Kobe is cutting and getting open looks it’ll make the game easier for himself and his teammates.

Its gonna take commitment from Kobe and Nash as well as Mike Brown to make the Lakers Princeton offense work.Kobe and Steve will put in the work but it probably will take time. Mike brown also needs to get these old dudes some rest. Kobe led the league in minutes before he got hurt last year and that’s unacceptable. Both Steve and Kobe shouldn’t be playing more than 33 or 34 minutes a game. More posts to come in which I look at Pau, Dwight, and the Laker supporting cast and what LA needs from them.