Phil when he first became the Lakers coach. This is also how I imagine him dressing off the court.

The Lakers won their first post Mike Brown game last night and may be headed for an even bigger win. They have set their sights on Phil Jackson and are meeting with him as I type.  The word is that Phil is interesting in coming back to the NBA and is in much better health than he was two years ago, when his last Laker team was swept out of the playoffs. Phil likes to coach teams loaded with talent and is more equipped than other coaches. Obviously, Phil’s a great coach but he also brings championship credibility that Mike Brown didn’t have.  Phil Jackson isn’t going to be questioned by the media or the Laker fans. More importantly, Phil isn’t going to be questioned by his players or management publicly the way Mike Brown was recently. Phil has great relationships with Kobe and Pau Gasol and a great understanding of how best to use their talent. Before the season Phil talked a bit about this Laker team and how they should play. Phil talked about how the Princeton could help the Lakers stars share the ball and get in synch with each other. He singled out Pau as the key and stated his versatility helped him fit in any role and allow Dwight to play inside. Phil also stressed Nash and Kobe’s need to share the ball opposed to their usual style of dominating the ball. My take away is that Phil’s approach offensively may not be a whole lot different than Mike Brown’s. The Triangle isn’t an offense that is tailored for a point guard like Steve Nash, much like the Princeton offense. Phil of course will get the benefit of the doubt that Mike Brown could never get.  Phil can change his methods and if Phil decides to give Nash more freedom to do Nash thangs no one will bat an eye.

Phil will meet some new faces in Dwight Howard, Nash and some of the young bucks. Phil is known for getting a lot out of his stars and I’m anxious to see what kind of relationship he can build with Dwight. Dwight is a great player already but clashed a lot with Stan Van Gundy (who is a very good coach). I imagine Phil will get the respect of Dwight in a way that previous coaches haven’t (not entirely fair, I know).  The Lakers go hard and their management always feels pressure to win now.  I believe they would have turned things around with Mike Brown but they would have had to wait for a big win (championship). Now the Lakers have a big win in rehiring Phil and some pressure off of them until they get a bigger win(championship). It’s the right move even though it’s unfair to Mike and the timing is excellent. Last year’s Laker team wasn’t talented enough to compete for a title so it was ideal for another non-Phil coach to coach the team. With the Laker’s talent this year an unproven coach would have been drama non-stop similar to what the Heat a few years ago. At least the Heat got to share that burden, Mike Brown had it all on him.  The sad thing for Brown is that he never really got a chance with this team. Nash is hurt and Dwight isn’t in basketball shape yet.  1-4 is a terrible start to the season and some of that was on Brown but Phil’s been in similar situations in his Laker career and kept his job. The Lakers should just sign Phil to lifetime contract at this point