Now that the Lakers have a winning streak going I’m hopping back on the bandwagon. Actually the reason I haven’t posted anything in over a month had more to with computer struggles than the Laker’s horrible season(my computer crashed and my mom gave me her old, broken computer to use. Its ok except that it turns off for no reason sometimes which is mad frustrating). Tonight they won their third straight game beating the Hornets at home. The win followed up their biggest win of the season on Sunday where they beat the best team in the league, The OKC Thunder. The game was supposed to be a playoff preview but if the season ended today the Lakers wouldn’t even make the playoffs. It was a good game and I had fun watching it, and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve really had fun watching the Lakers this season. What kept the game from being great was my feeling that the Thunder weren’t on their “A” game. I think they tried hard, Kevin Durant especially but they just couldn’t hit shots and that was the difference. It’s not time to get excited yet, Laker fans cuz the Lakers are still far away but hey at least they’re winning sometimes now, right?

Tonight there was a lot of stuff to like (Kobe passing, Dwight’s performance) and stuff to hate (Pau on the bench in the fourth quarter, their defense down the stretch, Mike D’Antoni’s mustache and Mike D’Antoni in general) but its hard to complain when the Lakers win at this point, which all you need to know about the season so far. I’ve watched damn near every game this season and yeah, they’ve been bad, but I do feel like they should have more Ws than they do right now. They point differential is +1.5 a game which projects to a record of 25-20, significantly better than 20-25 where they sit right now. Currently the Lakers are 4 games out of the 8th seed and about to go on a long road trip, where they have awful all season. Most of those games aren’t that bad in terms of competition so there’s that. They need to win all of them to get above .500 and then we can talk playoffs.

Steve Blake also made his return tonight after missing damn near the whole season. He played 13 minutes and really that’s about right for him. Nash needs as much run as possible and unless Blake ages backwards a few years he’ll be a marginal improvement over Chris Duhon and Morris and that’s about it. I liked the way most of the Lakers played tonight until the last five minutes when they completely fell apart and Mike D’Antoni just stood there. Dwight was active and scored better than he has in weeks, Kobe continued to pass, Pau played well while he was in the game (except he couldn’t shoot at all) and D’Antoni’s boy Earl Clark scored 20. Mostly I liked how they won though.