Whoa. The Lakers are going to make noise this season, apparently even if their team isn’t any good. No one thought the Lakers would struggle this much out of the gate and as a result The Laker’s front office has fired Mike Brown after five games. Damn, that’s a rough break. The narrative of the early season has been that Mike Brown’s Princeton offense has failed and as a result LA has looked out of sorts on offense. That is only half-true and it’s not the main reason they have been losing. The main reason is because they can’t stop any one, which The Lakers front office may have blamed on Brown as well. Mike Brown is known for being a good defensive coach and the Lakers have underperformed thus far. But when you look at the Laker’s personnel it starts to make sense. Antawn Jamison is one of the worst defenders in the league. Steve Nash, Blake and who ever else they point at the point are utterly incapable of staying in front of a quick point guard. Metta World Peace and Kobe are still decent but kind of overrated. Pau Gasol is also pretty good when he plays man to man but does not have the quickness to stop athletic drives from opponents, which wouldn’t be much of a problem if the Lakers wings could keep their man in front of them (its not going the happen even if Tom Thibodeau leaves Chicago to become the Laker’s coach. Their wings are too old and slow).

Dwight Howard is the piece that makes the Laker defense work. In theory, Dwight can cover up any holes the Lakers have and will single-handily shut down opponets drives to the rim. That Dwight Howard has not been seen yet this season. Dwight has been very good offensively but he is not himself on defense and I’m not sure when he will be. He’s coming off a major back injury and didn't play any basketball for months. He’s not in basketball shape and until he is the Lakers are going to struggle on the defensive end because their personnel around Dwight is too old and slow to contend with athletic teams who push the tempo. Mike brown knew this I’m sure. I’m not sure if Laker management does. Mitch Kupchak (who probably does understand the Lakers’ issues) reportedly tried to convince Jim Buss to give Brown a little bit more time to turn things around. A few days ago Jim Buss openly questioned Brown’s Princeton offense mere days after defending Brown and saying he’s behind him 100%. The Lakers were already 1-3 at that point so the loss to Utah on Wednesday sealed Brown’s fate. I’m not a big fan of Brown but I find it hard to blame the Laker start on him. It's not Brown’s fault Dwight isn’t healthy enough to cover up the Laker’s flaws. My only problem with Brown so far has been his tendency to overplay his stars and really that was only because he knew that he had to win games NOW. Unfortunately, he was right.

What the hell do the Lakers do next? Who’s is gonna coach the team? Phil Jackson?!!!

The Lakers play tonight against the Golden State Warriors which is must see as a drama more so than as a basketball game.  I’d love to predict that Brown’s firing will rally the Lakers into giving a great performance but I honestly have no feel for this team yet. They have yet to develop any kind of chemistry and Brown’s firing may set them back a bit. Steve Nash is still not healthy, but like I said before, the Lakers need to start winning games, now. The angry mob has spoken and claimed Mike Brown as its first casualty.

Actually it may have been this stare by Kobe that did Mike Brown in...

Kobe destroys Mike Brown