Fuck the new-look Lakers, I still mourning my 2008-2011 Lakers. The New guys are nice and they’re actually overachieving a bit, which is a nice way of saying they ain’t that good.  Of course if the core members of my 2008-2011 were still ballin’ like they could they wouldn’t have to be. They’re a solid supporting cast with no one to support.  Back to my dudes: the core of which consists in order of importance of: Pau/Kobe (yes I’m putting them on the same level, fight me), Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Metta (I guess) and Fisher (eh…). They have hit some hard times in the past few years let me remind every one how dope they were cuz motherfuckers are out here kicking them when they’re down.


Obviously the saddest story and biggest fall off is Lamar Odom. At this point, he’s most likely done as an NBA player when he really shouldn’t be. Lamar’s 33, and just 2.5 seasons ago played at an all-star level then promptly fell off the face of the earth basketball wise. He’s had a shit load of personal tragedy that you can Google and then there was a lot of talk about substance abuse to the point where it was clear he had a problem. Then there was a DUI and now a divorce. Fuck that. Lamar should be playing ball right now but instead he’s just trying to put his life together. If you’re a Laker fan this should be a big blow. No one was a better guy/teammate than Lamar ('cept maybe Pau).


Lamar’s spiritual partner Pau is going through an ongoing, mostly bullshit saga built off the notion that he’s soft.  In started in the 2011 playoffs. Pau actually had his best season ever that year, but fell off hard during the playoffs and was ripped apart and blamed for everything. People buried him then and he has stayed that way forever. Never mind that he still balled in 2012 with Mike brown as coach and Bynum as an all-star. Apparently people don’t watch the Olympics either, Pau almost single-handily won the gold medal for Spain just a year and half ago!  Last year was the first year you could really argue that Pau fell off. Thing is, he was hurt with plantar fasciitis. That injury fucks ppl up; I know cuz I actually pay attention to sports unlike ppl who just skim through it. This year I don’t know what the deal is. Could be injuries again (he still gets hurt, hell, he falls down on every other play damn near). Or it could age or not fitting in with D’Antoni’s offense or just hating the man’s mustache. The media ain’t shit and will forever be ain’t shit, so I can understand why they’re burying him. Laker fans need to get the fuck out of here tho.  Pau literally won those last two Laker titles (Kobe was that dude in 2009 but Pau was that dude in 2010. Plus the Pau trade saved the team and Kobe) and we should all realize that those things don’t grow on trees even if you root for the most decorated NBA franchise ever. So I’m sad to see Pau struggling and dumb ass ppl hatin', but I do have hope for the Spaniard. Like I said Pau was BALLIN’ a year and half ago and smart ppl have to recognize and appreciate the man’s talents and accomplishments. Even if Pau leaves the Lakers (and I’d say that’s a yes) he can still find his game and contribute to a team that values him.


Andrew Bynum’s saga might be done for good, and basketball wise it does rival Lamar as far as sadness goes. Andrew said before this season that he probably won’t ever be right again physically and it sure looks like it now. Andrew, trill as ever blew off a Cavs road trip and they suspended him. I’m not all the way up on this shit but it seems like he’s done as a Cav, and maybe as an NBA player. Unlike Pau, and even Lamar Andrew never really got a chance to reach his potential in the NBA.  Andrew played well during the Laker’s back-to-back titles but he was sidelined for most of the important moments. Andrew’s potential was his biggest legacy as a Laker. Laker fans always commented on how much better the Lakers would be if drew was healthy but once he got healthy the team fell off.  Andrew’s best season came in 2012 when he made the all-star team for the first (and probably last) time. Then he broke his knee forever and now here we are. Unlike Lamar, Bynum seems ok mentally. His legacy for me personally is/was his trillness. No one kept it more 100 than Andrew Bynum.


It seems like more ppl are in on this Kobe saga. Of course it’s easier to root for the winner and Kobe has ALREADY won, no matter what happens from here. My argument here is that all these Lakers should be as dear to your heart as Kobe is (or close) if you really do identify yourself as a Laker fan. Kobe’s injuries are a blow tho; he’s the one constant Laker fans have had since 1996, when I was 10 years old. Its weird and strange for him to be hurt and its just gonna be that much weirder when he finally does decide to retire.  Thankfully, that’s not gonna happen soon. Kobe has the fans undying support. These other dudes are out here trying to do it alone. I’m invested even if it hasn’t  worked out…