By Andrew UpshawLamar  Odon is no longer a Laker. Some Laker fans such as my 15 year old brother can't recall when Lamar wasn't a Laker. He's been here since 2004 the only remanets of that shaq trade to Miami. Damn that was a long time ago but the lakers organization is just as crazy and anxious as it was back then. The Lakers apparently don't believe in sitting back and letting things work themselves out, they try to make moves. It has worked out well for them.  They tried to Gasol and Lamar for Chris Paul but the trade was rejected by David Stern. Lamar was very upset almos on the radio with Stephan A. Smith and showing up to practice late and leaving after talking with Mitch Kupchak. Yesterday the Lakers again tried the three team trade that would have landedGasol in Houston, Odom in NO, and Chris Paul in LA but pulled out or were rejected again. So instead the Lakers traded Odom to Dallas for a future draft pick and a trade exception that allows the Lakers to take on more salary in a trade. Huh? It sounds like a terrible trade doesn't it?Apparently the Lakers know what they're doing or are very stupid. This seems to be the consensus from the news media and smart basketball people. The Lakers are planning on making a move for Dwight Howard.  How? I'm not sure. How does trading Lamar to Dallas help? Still not sure. The Lakers can offer Pau and Bynum to Orlando for Dwight but the trade exception doesn't cover Hedo Turkalo's salary who the magic also would like to get rid of. Sooo yeah... John Hollinger of ESPN suggests the Lakers may try to trade Gasol, Bynum, the trade exception and draft pick to get Dwight, Hedo, and Jameer Nelson in return. Sounds... Good? Still not sure if I like it. That would mean that the Lakers gave up Lamar, Pau, AND Bynum for Dwight Howard, Hedo, and Jameer Nelson. That's a lot. Maybe it is fair as Dwight Howard is lthe second best player in the league but I still remember  the finals two yeara ago where Gasol outplayed Howardwhile playing alongside Lamar. Depth is good. Dwight would set the Lakers up for the future and Jameer Nelson at the point would be very good as he actually knows how to play basketball. But I'm sure most laker fans who lusted after Dwight Howard these last few years never p in the thought to figure just how much Dwight Howard would cost them. We figured Bynum would be gone but he's hurt all the time anyway and we'd have to give up Lamar too. But most of our fantasies included Gasol staying with the Lakers as if we assumed that Bynum and Odom would be enough. Now that's it clear Gasol will have to go (unless Orlando is stupid) the Lakers won't look as invincable if they land Dwight Howard. Sure they'll be title contenders, but then they were title contenders anyway.  And with the Odom move already made the Lakers will look nightly foolish if they don't get Dwight Howard after all of this.