The Miami’s Heat have won two championships in a row and appeared in three straight Finals. We knew this would happen eventually and so did they. The moment they got together they promised not one, not two, not even 5, 6 or 7… They seem to be on track for their lofty ambitions but really they are a world away from them. Lebron made those silly statement 3 years ago when he was 25 and had yet to win one championship. He also hadn’t played with any hall of famers or even legit all-stars (Mo William made it but he shouldn’t have. Zydrunas Ilgauskas was legit in his day though). So yeah Lebron didn’t know what he was saying and wrongly assumed winning with Wade and Bosh would be easy. He was dead wrong and the NBA is that better because of it. People would be hyped if the Heat were challenging Jordan’s 72 win Bulls but I’d take a grueling and amazing 7 game series against a hall of fame loaded Spurs team over dominance any day. And don’t forget that the Pacers took the Heat to 7 in a great Eastern Conference Finals. Sure they won 66 games in a regular season where they won 27 straight games at one point but as soon as Wade tweaked his knee again they were vulnerable. Just last postseason when Chis Bosh was hurt and the Celtics took Miami to 7. I actually think this year’s team had more talent but Leborn admitted that his second ring was harder than the first (Maybe cuz he had to carry his team on his damn back damn near the entire postseason run).

 Who knows how history will remember the Heat and honestly who cares at this point. This is exciting. As I Laker fan I remember clearly the Lakers 3 peat in the early 2000s and their back-to-back titles a few years back. The Lakers had the most talent most of those years yes but they could have lost at any point. The 2000 Lakers almost lost to Portland in game 7 of the Western Conference Finals before coming back in the fourth quarter. The 2002 Lakers should have lost to a great (and possibly better?)  Kings team. The 2010 Lakers could have easily lost to the Celtics in the Finals (that would have sucked). Even Jordan’ Bulls titles weren’t as dominant as people remember. The Jazz, Trailblazers, Suns were all worthy NBA Finals foes and the Knicks and Pacers took the Bulls to 7 games. Now we mention Jordan’s titles as if they were preordained. Jordan came through in damn near every big moment because he had to. And when he didn’t the rest of the Bulls came through for him (The one example I can think of is game 6 in the 96’ Finals. MJ had a bad shooting game but had 9 boards and 7 assists. The Bulls won mainly due to their defense).

Lebron has done the same in the past two postseasons and in the one moment when he didn’t at the end of game 6, Ray Allen had his back (Mike Miller had the rebound that gave Lebron a 3 to put them within 2, and Chris Bosh had the even bigger rebound and pass to Ray Allen to tie it up).  This is why Lebron came to Miami to have these kinds of opportunities every year. Getting an opportunity is cool but seizing an opportunity is great and that is the difference for Lebron now.  It’s nice to get caught up in the possibilities but exciting and great basketball in the moment trumps just about everything else ever. People still get caught up in the future and that’s fine. I don’t know where Lebron will sign in 2014(I doubt LA, and I would be shocked if its Cleveland).  He’s got a special thing in Miami and he knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Heat take a page out of the Spurs playbook and keep playing until the end of time. People have written off the Spurs time and time again but as long as they had Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili they had a shot and this was finally their year (except it was the Heat’s year more) after coming up short every year since their last title in 2007.  The salary cap can fuck up the Heat’s chance at Spurs like longevity but remember that Tim Duncan has played on a discount for a minute. Yo, the Heat’s three stars can do the same right? Its not like they need the money.

For the Haters: The heat have yet to play a postseason where their three stars are completely healthy except for in 2011 when they lost to the Mavs. I don’t think D Wade is old I think he was hurt and he is close to 100% in the playoffs and so is Lebron and Bosh I think its possible the Heat hit another level. If I were Eric Spolestra I would watch those guys minutes in the regular season.


This is my last post on the Heat for a minute. The haters are gonna be quiet all summer and the Lakers are desperately trying to hold onto Dwight Howard.