Lebron and I are in it together. Only I don't get made fun of constantly because of my hairline. Life ain't fair and Lebron knows this better than most. Lebron HAS play great tonight or else he will be ripped apart and analyzed again. Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan, Ginobili and Tony Parker can all have bad games and no one will care but not Lebron. I can have a less than perfect hairline and no one will care, but not Lebron. BTW I still have hope for myself and Lebron on the hairline front. Yes they went back a little but if we can maintain this amount of hair until our late 30s or early 40s we win. I'm 27 Lebron's 28 we can do it homie.

Game 7 is gonna be tough though. The Spurs are a great team and they're deep. I except both teams to play balls out. This is the best NBA Finals we've had in a while. The expectations that the pubic has for Lebron has been exceeded by amazing basketball from two championship teams (Here's a link to Zach Lowe on how to watch game 7. I agree completely).